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Teen Talent Open Mic Registration

  1. Teen Talent Open Mic Night

    Palm Beach Gardens Recreation

  2. Participation Rules
  3. Performances must be appropriate for general audience, including very young children.*
  4. Performance must be no longer than 5 minutes.*
  5. Performance must stay within the stage dimensions*
  6. Technical needs/requests must be submitted along with your request for a performance slot.*
  7. Each performer and/group must be able to set up the stage for their act within 2 min and clear the stage at the end of the performance within the same amount of time.*
  8. Auditions and/or materials must be reviewed within 2 weeks prior to the event. Please wait for email confirmation with information regarding this.*
  9. Guidelines
  10. The stage dimension is 1104 square feet. We can provide the following equipment:
    • Two microphones
    • Two microphone stands
    • Two speakers
    • Stool(s) and/or chair(s)
    • Auxiliary cable to connect to a phone or computer
  11. Parent Information
  12. Performer(s) Information
  13. Please let us know if the following items are needed:
  14. Microphones*
  15. Microphone Stands*
  16. Speakers*
  17. Stools*
  18. Chairs*
  19. Auxiliary Cable*
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