Mobile Public Education Trailer

Mobile Fire Education Trailer for Community Events.

Mobile Public Education Trailer

Trailer Features


  • Fully operational kitchen- toaster, microwave, oven, stovetop
  • Simulates smoke, fire grows without appropriate action
  • Interactive, computerized fire extinguisher. Same weight & noise as a real extinguisher. Stops working the same as when an extinguisher would run out.
  • 9-1-1 Phone System- Operates 1 of 2 phones that have a 9-1-1 recording
  • “What’s Under the Kitchen Sink”- demonstrates safety lock and show hazardous chemicals
  • Television simulates a television weather alert
  • Full Weather Demo- Kitchen simulates lightening, hail and wind sounds. Trailer rocks and shakes.


  • Bed, working window and smoke detectors
  • Smoke system pumps under door and through outlets
  • Parents can view kids from outside the trailer on the monitor to see how they react
  • Heated door- 80-130 degrees
  • Teaches children how to exit the bedroom by crawling and check the door with the back of their hand
  • Towels to place in the crack under the door, slowing the spread of smoke
  • Practice climbing escape ladder

E.D.I.T.H. DRILL and Coloring Books

  • Exit Drills In The Home- escape route practice
  • Available for businesses, schools and events for public education for children and adults.

Please contact the Fire Administrative offices at 561-799-4300 for more information on booking an educational event!