Fleet / Equipment Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance provides continuous routine maintenance and repairs to the City’s fleet of vehicles, public safety vehicles, and equipment. Our staff has been recognized and accredited as ASE Blue Seal Certified for the last 12 years for technical certification. Further, we offer Fleet Maintenance services to other municipal agencies in order to assist them with their Fleet needs.


Fleet / Equipment Maintenance is responsible for the following:

  • Inspection and maintenance of city heavy and light equipment, generators, and engine repair
  • Inspection and maintenance of more than 350 emergency and non-emergency vehicles
  • Maintenance and supervision of city fuel islands

The Fleet Maintenance section’s computer system tracks expenses associated with maintaining and repairing each vehicle. This information is used to determine when a vehicle is no longer cost effective to retain. The system also tracks vehicle mileage which is used to ascertain the next preventive maintenance check. A bumper to bumper safety inspection and all necessary repairs are performed during this check. This saves money by doing proactive repairs and prevents excessive down time.