Property Maintenance Standards

Citizen Responsibility

The City of Palm Beach Gardens strives to maintain a City of beauty and excellence. In order to accomplish this, the city has adopted Property Maintenance Standards. As a result of field observations, and in response to public request, Code Compliance initiated guidelines for the maintenance of both residential and commercial properties and appurtenances.

The city believes it is necessary to proactively provide property owners, tenants, and property managers with objective and specific maintenance standards for structures and hardscape. The desired result is to keep all properties in an acceptable state of repair, thereby maintaining property values.

The property checklist below is provided to help you assess your own property and to assist residents in understanding some of the city's minimum housing standards enforced in residential areas. Please review this information and take steps to help beautify our city.

Property Checklists


  • Outdoor storage of merchandise is prohibited in commercial districts unless approved by the City.
  • Outdoor storage in residential areas shall be limited to rear or side yards and shall also be maintained in a clean, neat and presentable manner.

Structural Conditions

Repair any rotted wood, broken or missing shingles, tiles, etc. and be sure that all exterior surfaces are moisture proof. Inspect for:

  • Exterior walls, Doors, Windows
  • Roof, Including soffit, fascia
  • Roof Coverings (shingles, tiles)
  • Fences should be in good condition, not leaning excessively, not exceeding maximum height (6 feet side and rear yards, 4 feet front yards-residential)
  • Storage sheds must be secured as required by code
  • Make sure the water in your pool, spa and fountain is clear and free of algae
  • Make sure the pool barrier is in good condition and secure
  • Be sure that address numbers are visible from the street
  • Be sure all trip hazards are removed

Vehicle Parking

  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and boats may only be parked in the side or rear yard of residential properties unless they have been registered as nonconforming uses with the City.
  • All vehicles shall be parked on approved surfaces in front yards. Parking in swales is prohibited where posted.

Yard Maintenance

  • Mow your lawn on a regular basis
  • Edge and trim as needed
  • Water and fertilize to keep healthy and green
  • Trim and prune trees, shrubs, and hedges in compliance with the City's Landscape Maintenance Standards

How do I make a Complaint?

You may report a complaint by calling the Code Compliance Division at 561-799-4245 or filling out a Citizen Request form. Your information will be taken regarding the location and nature of the complaint. A Compliance Officer will investigate and if a violation is confirmed, a Notice of Violation may be issued. If you would like an officer to follow up with you after the investigation is complete, please state so in your complaint. However, please note that any identifying information left by you in your complaint is subject to being released per Florida's public records law, Chapter 119, F.S.