09/11 Memorial Plaza

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, the 09.11.01 Memorial Plaza dedication took place at Fire Station 3 off Northlake Boulevard.

Memorial Plaza During the Day - Copyright © Ross Gilmore.


The Fire Rescue Department was made aware that steel fragments of the World Trade Center's buildings were being made available as 9/11 memorial art pieces in local municipalities. The steel withstood the most horrific attack on American soil that took the lives of 2,973 innocent people.

The artifacts were free of charge as long as they were not used in for-profit endeavors. Costs associated with shipping and creation of the memorial art piece was the responsibility of the city. The art created was required in a memorial open to the general public. This was an extraordinary opportunity to obtain a piece of World Trade Center steel.

World Trade Center Blueprint.
World Trade Center Tower.