Daily Walk in Rates

  1. October 1 - October 31, 2023
  2. November 1-December 31, 2023
  3. January 1, 2024-March 31, 2024
  4. April 1-May 31, 2024
  5. June 1-September 30, 2024
  • Prime Riding: Open til 12:29PM- $59
  • Midday Riding: 12:30PM - Twilight- $49
  • Twilight: $39
  • 9-Hole Riding: $39
  • 18-Hole Walking: $39
  • 9-Hole Walking: $29
  • See 9-Hole and Walking Restrictions Below

Golf Course Restrictions

Prime Rates: Begin at 7:00AM daily Midday Rates: Begin at 12:30PM daily Twilight Rates: Begin at 4:00PM October 1, 2023 - November 4, 2023 and March 11, 2024 • September 30, 2024. Twilight will begin at 3=00PM November 5, 2023-March 101 2024. Twilight rounds do not guarantee any player or group 18-holes of play.

9-Hole Rates: Are available year-round, starting at 12:30PM. There is no 9-hole play on the opposite side of regular play in the morning. 9-Hole rounds may be played before 12:30PM, at the full 18 -hole rack rate.

Walking Rates: Are available November -May, starting at Twilight (see above). June-October, walking rates are available at 12:30PM. Walking rounds may be played outside of these timeframes, at the full rack rate.

The Nest Par 3 holds the right to optimize the tee sheet and golf course at the discretion of golf management. We will pair singles, twosomes, and threesomes at every opportunity. Single rider carts may be purchased for an additional cart fee charge, based upon availability.

Junior Rates and Restrictions                                            
November through May: 20% off Prime and Midday Rates. Twilight rates are listed below. 
► June through October: 10% off Prime rate. Midday and Twilight rates are listed above. 
► 9-hole and walking restrictions listed in "Golf Course Restrictions" also apply to junior rounds. 
► Juniors who are 16 and older may operate a golf cart only when a liability waiver is completed by a parent or legal guardian and a copy of a valid driver's license is on fife in the golf shop.
Riding 18 $29
Riding 9 $20
Walking 18 $15
Walking 9 $10
Specialty Passes (Running on our fiscal year)  
Palm Beach Gardens Residents: May purchase a $15.00 annual pass which allows a seven-day booking window and a 15% discount off Prime, Midday, and 9-Hole riding rates. Verification of residency is required for each pass sold. These passes are valid October 11 2023-September 301 2024. 15% off
Veterans Pass: requires a completed form and a copy of your DD214 or Veteran ID to be eligible. Veterans receive a 15% discount off Prime, Midday, and 9-Hole riding rates. Sandhill Crane and the City of Palm Beach Gardens thank you for your service. 15% off
All passes are sold by appointment and must be made through the Administrative Offices at (561) 630-1160 ext #6. 

Driving Range Information

SMALL 30 $5 $6
MEDIUM 60 $10 $12
LARGE 90 $15 $18
Driving range hours of operation will vary and are dependent on weather and range conditions. For daily driving range and golf course conditions please call (561) 630-1177. Please obey all driving range signage and only hit from designated areas. Driving range balls may be purchased in the golf shop or directly from the ball machines. The use of Trackman bays must be reserved through the golf shop on a first come, first-serve basis.