Financial Impacts

Most Would Save Money

Using conservative estimates*, property owners with a taxable value below $411,250 would benefit by annexing into Palm Beach Gardens. Over 70% of the properties in the annexation areas have a taxable value below $411,250.

*Solid waste savings are based on curbside pickup. Utilities (electricity, gas) and Telecommunications (phones, streaming, TV) are each estimated at $300 a month. If your bills are higher, you’ll save more.

$250K House.
$411,250K House.
$600K House.

Here's How You Save

Over 70% of property owners in the annexation areas would save money or break even by joining the City, even though Palm Beach Gardens’ property tax rate is slightly higher. Here’s why:

  1. Palm Beach Gardens doesn’t tax utilities. You’ll save the County’s 10% Utility Tax on your electricity, and gas bills. 
  2. Palm Beach Gardens’ Telecommunications Tax is lower than the County’s. You’ll save money on:
    • Cell Phones (every line – actual phones & hotspots) 
    • Cable/TV (Comcast, DirecTV, Dish…) 
    • All Streaming Services (Netflix, Prime, Max…)
    • Landlines
  3. The City of Palm Beach Gardens pays a portion of every resident’s solid waste bill. A single-family home with curbside pickup will save about 60% on trash and recycling.