How Annexation Would Impact You

Palm Beach Gardens is proud to offer our residents outstanding services from public safety and storm response to recreation programs and community events. There are many benefits to being a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, let’s explore a few. 

Community Policing

The difference in policing will be very noticeable if you join Palm Beach Gardens. The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department boasts an average response time of 3 to 5 minutes to emergency calls inside the city. Your existing law enforcement agency has a response time of 8 to 15 minutes. Palm Beach Gardens Police Officers are assigned to community patrol zones and would regularly patrol your neighborhood. Our community policing approach focuses on crime prevention, which fosters a partnership with community members and keeps our residents and businesses safe. 

Fire & EMS

Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue already responds to about 70% of the calls inside the proposed annexation areas, so you won’t see a big change. You will continue to receive service from outstanding firefighters with advanced medical training and state-of-the-art equipment.

Community Services  

Residents can conveniently report a pothole, downed street sign, or other maintenance issues. The Palm Beach Gardens team responds to citizen concerns within 24 hours, with immediate response to safety issues day or night.

Storm Response

When it comes to storms, readiness is the key. Palm Beach Gardens pre-positions storm response teams at key locations throughout the city allowing us to go to work immediately, clearing roads and helping where needed. Our teams were onsite assisting residents and removing debris just thirty minutes following the touchdown of a recent tornado.  

Parks & Recreation 

Tennis, pickleball, golf, aquatics, summer camp, senior programs, and the arts – Palm Beach Gardens has it all. We even run a licensed childcare facility. Residents always enjoy priority entry and discounts at our facilities. 

Infrastructure Maintenance

Palm Beach Gardens prides itself on proactive infrastructure maintenance to avoid potential problems. Where appropriate, Palm Beach Gardens expects to take over responsibility for roads, sidewalks, stormwater, street sweeping, mosquito control, and canal maintenance where appropriate. Needed repairs will be made quickly and regular maintenance would be rolled into our ongoing schedule.  

Code Assistance

Our priority is safety and community enhancement through code assistance, not enforcement and fines. Our Community Action Support Team works with residents to understand their needs and find innovative solutions. We’ve even used grants (not city money) to install windows and repair aging roofs. It’s another way we problem solve.