Behavior Policy

The Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Department is committed to providing a safe, positive, and structed environment for participants and patrons of its programs, activities, and facilities.  Responsible behavior by everyone is essential to achieving this objective.  Participants, patrons, and parents/guardians must understand and appreciate the behavioral expectations for participation in City programs and activities and for use of City facilities.

Code of Conduct

All people, including staff, must be treated with respect and dignity.  There is a "no tolerance" policy for conduct that is unsafe, intimidating, harassing, or derogatory.

As a participant or patron in a Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Department program, activity, or facility, I agree to conduct myself in a manner that:

  • is respectful of myself, other participants/patrons, and staff.
  • is consistent with the instructions or directions given by staff.
  • affords myself and others the ability to participate in programs and activities with dignity and courtesy.

Prohibited Conduct/Behavior

The following conduct/behavior is prohibited:

  • Conduct that negatively impacts other participants' ability to be monitored or engaged in the program in which they are enrolled.
  • Endangering the health and safety of yourself, other participants, and/or staff.
  • Bullying, tormenting, or harassing (verbally or through electronic means) other participants or staff.
  • Intimidation, fighting, and/or physical violence.
  • Lewd, obscene, and/or indecent conduct or expression.
  • Destruction of, or damage to, City facilities.
  • Violating rules, policies, regulations, ordinances, or laws, or refusing to follow staff instructions.

The foregoing list is not all inclusive; staff solely have the discretion to determine if corrective action is appropriate and subject to consequences.

Responses to Prohibited Conduct/Behavior

Violation of the Code of Conduct or engaging in prohibited conduct/behaviors may subject the violator to the following corrective responses.  The appropriate response will be determined by City staff, at staff's sole discretion, on a case-by-case basis.  The listed responses are not progressive and are not exclusive.

  • Verbal communication with written documentation for minor violations.
  • Formal communication from supervisory staff to parent/guardian or individual participant/patron for repeated minor violations or more serious violations.
  • Suspension from the program or facility for a determined amount of time for significant violations.
  • Police involvement and the issuance of a trespass citation.