Online Permitting System 

Online permitting now available.


The City of Palm Beach Gardens has recently implemented a NEW PERMITTING SYSTEM that will allow applicants to manage their permits online (Apply, Pay, Print Permit, Schedule Inspections, Upload Documents, etc.)  This system is currently being used in many other municipalities in Palm Beach County. Our goal is to enable applicants to move through the entire permitting process without ever having to come to the city in person. Communication about the status of your permit and any required documentation will all be done from the NEW SYSTEM.  There will be a bit of a learning curve and our staff has been trained to help provide you with the excellent service you've grown to expect. We have prepared tutorials to help show you the ins-and-outs of this NEW SYSTEM. Don't worry, if you're not tech savvy we will still be here to help!

Click Here to check status or schedule inspections for OLD PERMITS with an APPLICATION DATE prior to 12/13/2022
*You will still need to come to the Building Department and apply for SUB- PERMITS, REVISIONS and any other permits associated with a MASTER PERMIT that has an APPLICATION DATE prior to 12/13/2022

Click here to access our NEW ONLINE PERMITTING SYSTEM