Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing Program.

On November 5, 2020, the City Council of the City of Palm Beach Gardens, through adoption of Resolution 66, 2020, passed and approved the City’s first Comprehensive Workforce Housing Program. The conceptual program includes a menu of incentive-based programs that are color coded in terms of priority for implementation. In June of 2023, the City Council adopted Ordinance 4, 2023, codifying the incentives (density bonuses, expedited permitting, and fee waivers) that were prioritized in the 2020 Workforce Housing Plan.

Please click on the links below to view the associated documents:

Ordinance 4, 2023

Workforce Housing Staff Report

Strategic Planning Group Workforce Housing Report for City of Palm Beach Gardens

Resolution 66, 2020

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Below are a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to Senate Bill 102 (Live Local Act).


  • Where is the City's property inventory of lands appropriate for affordable housing?
    The City does not own any lands that are appropriate for the development of affordable housing.

  • What are the City's procedures for expedited permitting?
    The City's policy for expedited review procedures for development orders is posted in writing in Section 78-57. - Targeted expedited permitting program of the City's Code.

  • What is the maximum allowable density available through the Live Local Act?
    The City's maximum allowable density for residential development in the City's Code is provided through the Residential High (RH) zoning district, which allows a maximum density of 10 dwelling units per acre. Please note all other applicable regulations (Federal, State, County, and Local Code) for multifamily developments are applicable, such as, but not limited to, concurrency, environmental review, school capacity review, setbacks, landscape buffers, and parking.

  • What is the maximum height allowed through the Live Local Act?
    The maximum allowable height for a project authorized under the Live Local Act is 3 stories, or the highest currently allowed height for a commercial or residential development in the City of Palm Beach Gardens within one mile of the project development site, up to a maximum of 65 feet (the maximum allowable height in the Mixed Use or MXD zoning district), whichever is greater.

  • What zoning districts are permitted to be used through the Live Local Act?
    Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed Use zoning district areas may be proposed for projects through the Live Local Act. As the City of Palm Beach Gardens currently designates less than 20% of lands with Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed Use zoning, all proposed projects must be Mixed Use with a minimum of 65% of the gross square footage in the project used for residential purposes. Residential zoning districts are not eligible for the provisions of the Live Local Act.

  • What is the review process for a project submitted through the Live Local Act?
    If all applicable criteria, regulations, and codes are met, the review process may be administrative (No rezoning, land use change, or public hearing process is required). Some examples of applicable criteria include, but are not limited to, concurrency, environmental review, school capacity review, setbacks, landscape buffers, and parking.

  • What percentage of units are required to be set aside? What is the required timeframe for the reservation of units as affordable?
    Forty percent (40%) of the total number of units in the project must be set aside as affordable, for a minimum of 30 years.

  • Does the City have rent control?
    No, rent control by local governments is preempted (not permitted) by Florida State Statutes.

Other Agencies

  • What are the new affordable housing tax exemptions?
    Please contact the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser for more information on new available tax exemptions for affordable housing.

  • How can I participate in the Hometown Heroes home purchase assistance program?
    Please contact Florida Housing Finance Corporation for more information on this state program.