Voluntary Business Verification Certificate

As the City awaits the reopening of businesses within Palm Beach County, City staff wants to be prepared to assist the local business community in complying with Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order for Phase One. Staff also recognizes that citizens may be hesitant to patronize restaurants and retail establishments due to COVID-19 concerns. As such, a voluntary program is proposed that would verify that businesses are in compliance with the social distancing guidelines contained within the Executive Order. The thought is that residents will be more inclined to visit these businesses if it has been voluntarily inspected, verified, and issued a Certificate of Verification. The program details are as follows:

  • Voluntary program that verifies businesses are complying with Governor DeSantis’ COVID-19 guidelines for reopening;
  • The Business Services Division will take calls to pre-schedule appointments for establishments that wish to participate. The phone number is 799-4285;
  • Inspections will be performed by several small inspection teams comprised of Code Compliance Officers, Building Inspectors, Fire Inspectors, Police Officers, and Planning & Zoning personnel;
  • Teams will be assigned to six (6) different inspection regions: Northlake Blvd, Donald Ross/Hood Rd, US-I, Military Trail/Alt A-1-A, and PGA Blvd (two teams), or by appointment;
  • The inspections will not be time-consuming; staff estimates it will take 10-15 minutes per business;
  • Businesses will be notified of the program through social media, the PGA Corridor Association, and the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce;
  • Businesses will receive a signed and dated certificate verifying that it is in compliance with Governor DeSantis’ COVID-19 guidelines for reopening (example of certificate attached);
  • Inspection teams will provide a copy and explanation of the Governor’s guidelines to any businesses not in compliance, with the ability to schedule a reinspection.

Again, this is a voluntary program designed to assist with the reopening of the City’s business community.